Monday, March 22, 2010

my alternate reality

there's a secret dream life that i want to live. if i can ever make it a part of my reality, i totally will, but for now, it's just something that i imagine and daydream about in my head.

so in my dream life, i live in a small town, something a la gilmore girls, or the like. i live in a small, charming little cottage-style house, and it has a beautiful whimsical garden in the front. imagine a thomas kinkade painting of a cottage, any cottage. yeah, that's pretty much what i mean. so my little house is my private little oasis, and it's charmingly cluttered, with lots of colors and textures everywhere. i can putter around in my garden in the backyard, or play with my cavalier king charles spaniels or sit in the tree bend in the twilight with lanterns hanging all around. on weekends a group of us will barbeque or relax by a lake, or go for bike rides.

so this house is, in my mind, located somewhere that has seasons, primarily autumn. and because it's something drawn out of my imagination, there is also no winter. :) i'm not sure how i'd manage that in real life, but if winter can be skipped, i'm all for it! but i can see it decorated for each holiday...carved pumpkins and spiderwebs in october, bales of hay and cornucopias and pumpkins and squash in november, eggs and hyacinth in the spring.

i know almost everyone in town, and they know me. i have my own little business, a flower shop, or an antique store, or something artsy and crafty like that. it's an easy-paced life, a serene life. my little corner of the world, as i like to think of it.

i know i have a family in my dream life. i haven't seen too much of it though, because it's such an unknown factor. i can imagine and dream all the details of everything else, but this one eludes me, probably because i want it to be a surprise to me. i don't want to imagine who my husband will be, or what my children will look like, because i want to experience it for the first time in reality, not in my dreams. i want to have that moment of "ah, there you are!" when it happens...

so for now, i'm building my dream-world, and who knows? maybe one day i'll discover that it's become my reality.

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