Wednesday, March 24, 2010

ten guilty pleasures...

in the interest of learning how to blog, which i think can be intimidating if you've never done it before, i started looking up some good/fun/interesting topics to blog about whenever i haven't already thought of something that's on my mind. so here's one that i think can be a fun one, because hopefully it will provide some insight into my wonderfully wacky and whimsical mind, be of some entertainment value to someone, and indulge me in my passion for making lists...though i'm not counting that as one because that one's not just a guilty pleasure, but a necessity for me. so here are ten of my guilty pleasures...

1. i love to read. to anyone who knows me, that's no secret. i love to read almost anything, from classics to best-sellers to romances. but every once in a while, i love to go back and reread books that i loved as a kid, like the john bellairs series (the house with a clock in its walls; the treasure of alpheus winterborn; the mummy, the will and the crypt), or my trixie belden books (an old nancy drew-ish series written between 1946 and 1986), and even my sweet valley high books sometimes.

2. the spice girls. i won't even bother to go into this one, because it doesn't even matter. i just love them. and yes, i own spice world.

3. sitting for hours on end playing zelda: twilight princess on my wii. the world sort of falls away and i AM link.

4. bad/silly/fluff tv shows. i love 'em. charmed, the o.c., gossip girl, ghost whisperer, dawson's creek, buffy, angel, gilmore girls...just plain love 'em.

5. putting on 80s power ballads and playing them really loudly, and singing and dancing around my apartment with a hairbrush as a microphone. no one will ever see this, but yes, i do it. i bet you do too... ;)

6. i spend hours "window" shopping on the internet, going to sites and putting things in the shopping cart, then closing the window. it takes care of the urge to get something, without actually getting it. i do this in actual stores too every once in a while.

7. taking the meyers-brigg test every so often, but sometimes modifying my answers if i take it twice in a row, just to see how my answers will change...

8. providing colorful "commentary" at a movie, a la mystery science theater 3000. i can't help it. i love to make funny comments and try to make my friends laugh. if you go with me to a movie, though, feel free to tell me to shut up. :)

9. harry potter / twilight

10. the following movies: a walk to remember, because i said so, what a girl wants, the craft, center stage, grease 2, the legend of billie jean, never been kissed, clueless, bring it on, the day after tomorrow, willow, beastmaster, heathers, and emma, to name just a few. but that's all i'll admit to.

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